Overhead travelling cranes

Single girder overhead travelling crane

Double girder overhead travelling crane

Underslung overhead travelling crane

Single girder wall travelling crane

HB systems

Double-rail system

Single girder crane EHB

Single girder crane EHB-X

Double girder crane ZHB

Stooled-up double girder crane ZHB-X

Double girder crane ZHB-3

Single girder crane EHB-I

Double girder crane ZHB-I

Jib cranes

Pillar jib crane LS

Pillar jib crane LSX

Pillar jib crane VS

Wall jib crane LW

Wall jib crane LWX

Wall jib crane VW

Light mobile portal handsets

Lightweight mobile gantry

Wire rope hoists

Type E – monorail hoist

Type U – monorail hoist with twin trolleys

Type S – side-mounted hoist

Type D – standard crab unit

Type DA - low headroom crab unit

Type DQA – ultra low headroom crab unit

Type Z – twin barrel crab unit

Electric chain hoists

ABUCompact GMC

ABUCompact GM2

ABUCompact GM4

ABUCompact GM6

ABUCompact GM8

Components and Accessories


End Carriages & Wheel blocks

Installation Components

Control Components

ABUS hook block