Service and spare parts


Years of experience help us in quick and correct identification of spare parts you need.

Request our quotation, standard spare parts available on central stock you can have the next day from ordering!



Maintenance on call: When your crane suddenly stops or something goes wrong, call us. We will visit your site in order determine the problem and will prepare the offer for its removal. Our offers have no hidden or extra charges.

Contract maintenance: when you want to be sure that your crane have the highest reliability. For each crane, depending on its work intensity, we determine its own service interval. In the case of failure, customers with maintenance contract have additional benefits.


Request a free visit to our representative who will acquaint you with the details of the offer!



We provide professional installation for all products contained in our program. Our experienced staff will make your machines to be installed quickly and in a technically correct manner.

Our offer includes:

  • installation of the cranes ABUS and other manufacturers,
  • dismantling of existing crane ABUS and other manufacturers,
  • installation of crane runways,
  • erection of steel structures,
  • welding work with certified welders,
  • electrical installation work,
  • providing tools for assembly in the form of a mobile cranes, moving platforms, scaffolding, etc.,
  • local certification,
  • commissioning,
  • training users on how to use and maintain equipment.

Reconstruction and modernization


Cranes delivered more then 30 years ago are still in use in many industries. Such machines today can no longer meet modern demands in terms of speed of operation, safety and comfort. Some cranes are so outdated that supplying of original spare parts is no longer possible.

In these cases it is justified to reconstruct or modernize the crane in order to achieve other specifications in relation to the original state. Such tasks are: replacement of sliding motors with squirrel cage motors, replacing central drive with individual drives, replacement of electrical installations, installation of frequency inverters, installation of radio remote control, etc.

Request a free visit of our representative who will provide you with the informations on the benefits that reconstruction and modernization of existing creanes could bring you.

Crane runways


Crane runway is particularly important for the smooth operation of the crane. Crane runway geometry must be in tight tolerances, otherwise it will cause increased wear of wheel flanges and wheels or tilting of the crane. In extreme even wedging can occur. Our offer includes:

  • design of crane runways,
  • construction of crane runways on steel or concrete bases, with millimeter accuracy,
  • measurement of crane runways geometry with detailed technical reports,
  • proposals of how to repair existing crane runways,
  • application of conventional solutions,
  • application of Gantry solutions,
  • the use of modern high-strength materials.