ABURemote gives you the freedom you need when transporting heavy loads. The load can be moved from the safest available standing position which offers the best overview.

End Carriages & Wheel blocks

Steel structure in accordance with DIN 15018. As all the machining is performed in one jig, the structure has a high degree of mechanical precision.

Installation Components

Control Components

The especially developed control unit LIS is used on all ABUS wire rope hoists for control purposes. Two versions of this unit are available; the LIS-SE or the LIS-SV unit. Both units feature an overload protection which protects the hoist against overload and an operating hours meter as a standard.

ABUS hook block

ABUS HOOK BLOCK Knowing the weight of the load on the hook, is important to many crane operators: In order to weigh the goods and invoice the customer, to load trucks, to supply production plants with weighed material, to comply with the safety specifications for loads or to determine the weight of containers – frequently the ABUS hook block scale is most economical solution.