Type E – monorail hoist

The type E monorail hoist is our most frequently ordered hoist in the lower Safe Working Load range between 1 t and 16 t.

Type U – monorail hoist with twin trolleys

The monorail hoist with twin trolleys type U is used for high load capacities and long hook paths. The SWL range extends between 6.3 t and 25 t.

Type S – side-mounted hoist

The side-mounted hoist type S is characterised by the hook being positioned beside the crane girder. Thus an optimised highest hook position is achieved in the SWL range of 1 t to 10 t.

Type D – standard crab unit

The double rail trolley type D is our compact standard crab unit for the medium SWL applications between 1 t and 63 t.

Type DA - low headroom crab unit

In contrast to type D, the supporting member with the hoist between the end carriages is equipped with articulated joints.

Type DQA – ultra low headroom crab unit

The crab unit type DQA is characterised by an ultra-low headroom. This wire rope hoist design with a SWL of up to 40 t adapts to the building contours, even if there is very little clearance above it.

Type Z – twin barrel crab unit

The twin barrel crab unit type Z is our standard wire rope hoist for heavy duty transport applications. The Safe Working Load range for type Z is between 8 t and 120 t.