ABUS Kransysteme is one of the world's leading manufacturers of cranes up to 120 tonnes with a widespread worldwide sales and service network. Production facilities are located exclusively in Germany with its own research and development center. Today, ABUS employs more than 1,100 skilled and motivated employees in its factory with a tendency to expand production capacity.

ABUS Kransysteme was founded in 1965 when the first factory was built in Gummersbach, near Cologne. In the coming decades, new products have been developed and new production capacities have been built. ABUS today represents a strong and modern company focused on constantly improving product quality. The products are exported to 55 countries worldwide. Every day 90 t of steel is consumed in production. Every year, a total of 50 km of main girders are produced. Each year, ABUS incorporates over 650 km of wire ropes into their hoists.